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PortfolioIndonesia is a portal that presents Indonesian regional information with an understanding of the areas you want. Indonesia's portfolio is here to facilitate internet users in finding information in regions in Indonesia.

Not only finding regional information, but you can also search for events that will be held in the area.

Here's how to use Indonesian Portfolios

1. You can search for a city or city location in the icon Location then press Search Map

2 After you type the map search you will be taken to the map / map location

3. Click the location you are going to
4. You will be taken to the description of the location you want
Here you will find a lot of information from the area such as tourist destinations and others.

5. To find events that you can find in the event icon menu, type keywords in the column (keywords) and type the location you want in the column (event location) then press Search event

6. To find a day that is very popular and you can find it in the Hari Jadi icon menu, type the location you want in the column (SEARCH ANNIVERSARY) then press Search Map

7. If you have information about an event or event that will take place in your area, you can write it down to get everyone by registering first.
Fill in your list data according to the register guide

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